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Student Science

The main types of research students in Arkalyk State Pedagogical Institute named after Y.Altynsarin are:

1. Teaching and research activities / during school hours /

2. Research work / outside the classroom /

3. The organization of the process of cooperation and interaction through group activities, the organization of scientific events in the departments, academic and student circles, etc..

Student scientific associations designed to promote the establishment of scientific students, learning, creative growth, maximize the use of the scientific potential of students. The willingness of students to teacher training University research - personal formation, determining the state of the subject's personality and includes motivational and value related to these activities, the system of methodological knowledge, research skills that enable them to productive use in the solution of professional and educational goals.

Positive factors for the development of SRWS in the institute are: the availability of appropriate data base, library archives, the presence of young teachers concerned. At the departments are working on the organization of work with the leaders of student research organizations (plans taking into consideration the individual load of teachers, reporting on meetings of departments, faculties).

     Formation of scopes of research work of students is connected with the scientific directions and activities of departments  for actual problems of modern pedagogical science and is carried out by involvement of students to performance of initiative subjects. Today work on the declared initiative subjects is carried out in the form of preparation of scientific articles by students.

In the departments of the institute there are 11 scientific and problem groups, covering 216 students, representing 17% of the total contingent of full-time students, "linguist", "Thesaurus", "Chemistry and Life", "Biology-the source of life", "Geography and Ecology "" Orken "," Algorithm "," Іzdenіs "," Pascal "" Archimedes ","Scientific society of  students of history, law and social sciences. "Holding the university student's scientific and practical conference organized competitions on subjects of scientific and creative contests and essays. According to the plan of SRW for 2012-2013 academic year for the reporting period the following scientific and practical and scientific and methodical seminars are held:

" Active methods in studying of biology, chemistry and geography "   (Department of Chemistry, Biology and Geography);

" The First  Kazakh woman  journalist- educator " (Department of teaching methods of primary and pre-primary education);

"Ybyray lesson" (Department of the Kazakh language and literature);

" Ways of use of dictionaries at lessons of the Kazakh language " (Department of the Kazakh language and literature, the round table);

" The first step to science " (Department of teaching methods of primary and pre-primary education, the round table);

  Modern scientist "" (Faculty of Mathematics and Physics);

" My profession is psychologist: problem and future." (Department of Education and Psychology, the conference);

"The Bologna Process and state educational standards of higher education of a new generation" (Department of the practical course of Kazakh, Russian and foreign languages).

In October 2012, the extended meeting held on 2 SMU and CHO and considered the problem of enhancing SRW  departments. Expressed the most troubling issues , these activities have demonstrated the problems of SRW  organization , yet formal planning departments, the faculties. According to the wishes of students and young scientists of the science department began publishing a monthly informational brochure "Gylym -info ", as one of the urgent problems is the lack of information on scientific and educational space .

Knowledge Olympiad held in the departments of "Chemistry , Biology and Geography ", " science" , " Pedagogy and Psychology ", " Techniques for primary and pre-school education ", " Practical rate of the Kazakh , Russian and foreign languages ​​."

Faculty and students of the Institute are involved in the project «G-Global». «G-Global» - a feature-rich Internet platform , creating the conditions for the international expert community for an interactive, open and public discussion, debate on the socio - economic, political , cultural , demographic , and many other issues . Logo «G-Global» put on site ArkSPI , approved the action plan for the project. The plan is implemented , mainly at the Department of history, law and social sciences . Pursuant to the plan of activities for information support the initiative of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev Launch Project "Atom" , voiced at the conference " From nuclear test ban for a world free of nuclear weapons ," August 29, 2012 , Department of Chemistry , Biology and Geography also approved and carried out a special action plan.

Department of Science drawn to the work of the department of multimedia support of the educational process , they held views of thematic video lectures "History of Philosophy of Independence" (lecturer Raushan Koshenova Academy " Kөkshe " ) , "Archaeology " (lecturer Asker Tolebaev ) .

   In April 2013 the Department of the organization of scientific work and international relations for the first time a competition of student research papers for the award of the rector ArkSPI .  On the 2nd round of high school came from the pulpit 20 research projects in the humanities, natural sciences and technical fields. Competition Commission considered the incoming work has identified three prizes in all categories ( 1 - Place : 2nd year student of the Faculty of Pedagogy and Philology Yunusova  Camila with the project " The explanation of the morphology of the English language on the basis of the Kazakh language " 2 - Place : 3rd year students of the Faculty of History and Art Tatieva Parizod , Keulіmzhay Moldіr , 3rd place: 3rd year student of the Faculty of Science and Information Ahatova Symbat . The competition will be held annually , giving the status of the traditional one.

The noticeable tendency of growth of interest of student's youth to research activity is shown by participation in scientific student's conferences.

Their results are reported at annual conferences of student's scientific works (April), published in local and republican printing editions. As a positive tendency it should be noted increase in specific weight of the students participating in a co-authorship with scientists in scientific works published by them, educational and methodical development. In 2012 - 2013 academic year – 292 works (the volume of 69,68 items of l. ) from them joint publications of students and PPS - 208 works (the volume of 44,55 items of l. ) .

On October, 11, 2013 the regional student research and practice conference of "Innovation and steady development" are conducted in the Arkalykskom state pedagogical college of the name I.Altynsarina

Aim of conference : forming of конкурентноспособности of future  specialists by development of research competenses of students of region.

Besides the plenary meeting the scientists of institute came forward on that, work of conference came true on next sections:

are\u0009the Active methods of educating for steady development of objects of natural science

are\u0009the Modern ecological problems and steady development of g.Arkalyka

Collection of student regional research and practice conference of "Innovation and steady development" was entered by the articles of students. Key themes reflecting the active methods of educating of the articles of natural science and way forming of research competenses of future teachers are reflected in them.

Foto1.Vstupitelnoe words of Vice-Rector for Research and International Relations, PhD Musabekova G.A.

Photo 2. At the opening of the conference

Photo 3. Report of the Dean of the Faculty of Science and Information Umbetov A.U.


Photo 4. The "Future Teacher" during the master class

Photo 5. A. Esirgepov awarded diplomas of the first degree.

8-9 April 2014 was held the II round of the annual competition for the award of the Rector for the best scientific work of students . The purpose of this research is to develop of activities of students in research work , institutional and material conditions for the disclosure of creativity , development of research skills of students .
On consideration of the Commission on the results of the First round received 20 student research work in the following areas: physical and mathematical sciences , computer science and information technology, psychology, pedagogy, philological sciences (including literature, linguistics), natural sciences (biology, chemistry, geography) history, right .
Results of the competition for the award of the Rector for the best scientific work of students was held at the plenary session of the Republican scientific-practical conference " Tulegenov reading -2014 ." In a festive atmosphere with diplomas and prizes were awarded the winners and participant . Winner of the award for the Best scientific work was a student of 2nd course "Chemistry " Zhappar Manshuk became the owner of a diploma and a monetary award in the amount of 30 thousand tenge. Prize-winners of the second and third places were awarded in the amount of 20 thousand and 10 thousand tenge respectively. The second place of honor was shared between the students specialty "Physics" Muhoe Akabaeva , Ashirali Esirkepov . Third place was taken by a student of 2nd year of a specialty "Physics" Seydahmetova Dana, a student of 3rd year of a specialty " Pedagogy and Psychology" -Haag Elona , a student of 2nd year "Foreign language: two foreign languages" Omar Zhasulan .


April 11, 2014 on the eve of the Day of Science at the Institute was held The Republican Scientific and Practical Conference " Tulegenov reading 2014 " on the theme : " Modern education system : Past Experience ¬- look into the future "

Traditional " Tulegenov reading " for several years has scientists gathered from different educational institutions of the Republic to discuss critical issues in science . The purpose of this conference is to examine current issues of modern education system of Kazakhstan and sharing of educational research and practice teachers.
The leaders of scientific and educational communities of the country's leading universities of Kostanai region ( Kazakh National Pedagogical University named after Abai Almaty; Eurasian National University named after Gumilev Astana , Kazakh National University of Arts ; Kokshetau State University named Sh.Ualikhanov ; Kostanai State University named after A.Baitursynov ; University "Turan-Astana ") took part in this conference.
Scientific event included some works of three sections which discussed topical issues on natural, historical, educational and philology science.
At the final meeting, the chairmen of sections summarized the Conference. Presentations were made by more than 35 teachers and students. At beginning of conference a collection of scientific articles and materials of volume - 29,74 pp including 140 scientific articles were published.






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