Analysis on the recommendations and observations of accreditation

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Analysis on the recommendations and observations of accreditation

Developed by the Department innovative methods should be authorized and reflected in the publications for the general public introducing with them.

Corrective actions

Developed and used by teachers of the department innovative methods are authorized and included in foreign, national and regional publications, to familiarize themselves with the public: Anapin E.H. «Practical principles for teaching literature at the English lessons»; Akhmetova G.H. "Methods and techniques of typical speech errors in primary school children in different kinds of speech activities at English lessons"; Bakirova Zh.M. «Innovative methods of teaching English language»; Baidalina Zh.Zh. "Methods of teaching the English language with the help of the text"; Abdrakhmanova R.B. «Тілді үйретудегі кейс-стади әдісі және оның қолданылу жолдары»; Abdrakhmanova R.B. «Қазақ тілі үйренудегі жаңа технологияларды пайдалану "; Abdrakhmanova R.B. "«Қазақ тілін оқытуда жаңа технологияларды ұтымды қолдану»; Oskina M.S. «Сын тұрғысынан ойлау – мұғалімнің заманауи кәсіби іс-әрекетінің табиғаты»; Bakirova Zh.M. "Organization of independent work in a foreign language as a means of self-examination, self-esteem and self-learners"; Abdrakhmanova R.B. "Innovative technologies in the study of the Kazakh language"; Shtatbaeva G.S. «Шетел тілін оқыту барысында оқушының сөздік қорын байыту арқылы тілін дамыту»

                                                                                                  Standard 3. Students
It is recommended to expand the students' participation in international conferences.

Corrective actions

Today, students of the department take part in international conferences and publish works in foreign journals. Over the last year were published the following articles of students: Aitbai M. "«Бастауыш мектеп оқушыларын шетел тілінде тілдесімге үйретудің ерекшеліктері» Prague 22-30 April 2016; Eltaeva Z. "Methods and techniques of typical speech errors in little students in different types of speech activity at lessons of English" Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research number 4/2016, Ufa; Utegenova D. "Methods of teaching English language using the test" Abstracts International Catalogue lessons for teachers, professors and students. Russia; Utegenova D. "modular training Technique to English» Russian educational portal of the www "prodlenki". 13.05.2016; Turebekova A. "Theatre pedagogy in teaching English," Online Conference RusArticles.

                                                                   4. Educational Standard results, effectiveness
Develop a plan for publishing educational issues of department (manuals, textbooks) as used innovative methods of teaching foreign languages have their own uniqueness.
Strengthen the effectiveness of the scientific component of the educational program by introducing the results of scientific research.

Corrective actions
Strengthening the effectiveness of scientific and methodological component of OR by introducing aids in the learning process.

                                                                              Standard 5. Professional Teaching Staff
Invite PhD of leading universities of Kazakhstan and Russia within the framework of academic mobility for a period of academic year with the creation of appropriate social conditions.
In order to improve the educational program degree, direct PTS to training program for master's and doctoral programs and target the state order.
To guide teachers on training courses not only to the National Training Centre of "Orleu", but also to foreign universities.

Corrective actions
In order to increase PhD on educational program in training in the doctoral program on targeted grants to KazUIRandWL named after Ablai Khan directed A.K.Asanova senior lecturer of the department.
In order to improve the qualification of the teacher of the department G.H. Akhmetova 26.10.15.-11.04.15. passed training courses in the Spanish city of Valencia. Also, the teacher of the department M.S. Oskina in the period 5.25.16 and 03/06/16 and participated training courses in the German city of Dusseldorf.

                                                      Standard 6. Material and technical base and Information Resources
The information and library fund should allocate a separate educational-methodical, innovative multimedia works of the department staff.

Corrective actions
Assistance was provided in the distribution of educational and innovative works in information and library fund.

                                                     7. Standard Material and technical base and Information Resources
Refresh Institute website and the Department by presenting there latest achievements of the university and the department.

Corrective actions

Implemented and planned for the future in a timely manner to reflect on the website of the department of news and achievements of the department

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