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Educational and Research Laboratory

Center for self-cognition

PutiOne of the important conditions for the success of the teacher in modern school becomes not only a sense of responsibility for their work, but also in the inner freedom. To achieve this aimclasses conducted in a specially equipped "Center for self-cognition" will be of great help.

Through the use of age-old wisdom accumulated in the cultures of humanity, a program of spiritual and moral development of the "Self cognition" includes introduction with the diversity and richness of spiritual experience of the world including the people of Kazakhstan.
The lesson of self cognition is like no other. There is no survey in the traditional sense. The main methods of work in the classroom:
 ethical conversation;
 role-playing games;
 debate;
 minute of silence;
 mood for positive thoughts;
 training and other forms of collaboration.
In the process of dialogue-discussion students develop specific social skill and ability to share his worldview with others, they learn to defend their point of view, listen to the interlocutor and to be able to negotiate, persuade and listen.

Puti 1Role playing imitate life situations, allow to get used to the role, stimulate spontaneous behavioral responses, allow to fully disclose the student as an individual.
Trainings in the classroom, allow you to adjust the quality of the student's personality for the better, to reveal their ability to self-knowledge and self-improvement
A minute of silence is held under the soft music, the students sit, relax, comfortable. Lecturer at this time quietly read the text associated with the topic of the lesson and return to the past experience of the participants. This allows you to look into his inner world, enliven the senses and memories at various events.
In the classroom, students are liberated, take an active part in the sessions themselves master various forms of work with the group. All this contributes to the overall self-discovery, self-acceptance and development necessary for the future of teacher personality traits.

Center ofpsycho diagnostic and correction

How would a person is not trying to forget about it,
psychic energy will make itself felt.
And it's education to teach humanity
to deal with this treasure.
Nicholas Roerich

Center ofpsycho diagnostic and correction of closest approach is intended to promote the process of theoretical training of students with their future practical work, the formation of skills of practical psychologist with clients, school enrollment and psychologist as a consultant in organization.

The center includes two laboratories:
• Correction and training sessions
• psycho-diagnostics and counseling

Laboratory of the correction - training classes

Key features:

introducing students with a model of functioning of the offices of relaxation and therapy;
 conducting practical and laboratory studies on practical psychology and elective courses;
strengthening the skills of students: organizing of relaxation procedures and conduct training on the prevention of professional burnout syndrome of ArkSPI staff and students on request.
Puti 2

This laboratory includes a sensory room, complete with equipment manufactured by "Alma" (St. Petersburg). Using of this product is aimed at relaxation or activation of mental activity of children and adults and is one of the most important additional means of correction and rehabilitation.
In the sensory room, there are the conditions in which a person receives positive emotions. Here, using different elements one gets a feeling of comfort and security, which promotes rapid establishment of warm contact between teacher and student, a psychologist and client.

Puti 3Soft colors of the situation, soft light, pleasant aroma, quiet gentle music - all this creates a sense of calm, tranquility. Sensory rooms are used in the medical and psycho-pedagogical practice various professionals: doctors, speech therapists, psychologists, social educators and are intended for the following tasks:

• Training on the basis of sensory stimulation;
• psychotherapy;
• social adaptation;
• removal of muscle and mental and emotional stress, achieving a state of relaxation and peace of mind;
• activation of various functions of central nervous system through the creation of rich multisensory environment;
• creating a positive emotional background, increasing the motivation to conduct other procedures.
The package of a sensory roomincludes:
Soft environment
• Soft Corner (for training, talks, classes)Puti 4
• Armchair-transformer (allows to make the most physiologically comfortable position during the relaxation activities)
• Trapeze with granules, ottoman, chair with beads, ottoman, chair "Pear" pads with granules (contribute to tactile stimulation in contact with them parts of the body, allow to take any comfortable position).
• Mat floor (soft surface, allowing lay, sit, move, carry out a variety of games and training.
The visual and sound environment
Puti 5• TV (you can view educational and feature films)
• Music Center with a set of cassettes and CD discs with music (for relaxation) and movies (for psychological analysis).
• Secure bubble column (a fascinating movement of the bubbles with colored lighting helps to relax the nervous system)
• Outdoor fountain (creates a favorable environment for the relaxation of the sound).
• Panels "distorting mirror" (creates a positive emotional background)
• Lamp "Relax" (a definite change of colors combinations impact favorably on the nervous system).
Tactile area
• Dry pool with balls (effects on muscle, cardiovascular system, the musculoskeletal system, respiratory system, improves emotional state).

Puti 6

Air environment
• Set for aromatherapy (to create a feeling of being in a natural environment, create a certain psycho-emotionalmood)
• Ionizers (cleans the air and compensates for the ion deficiency)
• Humidifier (creates optimal for the human body humidity)

This laboratory is designed for relaxation activities and for training classes, training sessions.

Puti 7

Psycho diagnosis and CounselingLaboratory

Key features:
 conducting practical and laboratory studies on the psycho-diagnostics, practical psychology, experimental psychology, social psychology, elective courses;
 help students in research work;
 organization of professional communication and experience exchange of psychologists in the region;
 conducting psychological research among a contingent of students and teachers of ArkSPI on request.

This laboratory includes two areas: consulting and training.
Puti 8

Advisory zone simulates office of a practicing psychologist consultant and is designed to teach students the techniques of individual consultations with various psychological techniques. In this zone, the setting of a city phone, designed for students practical work as a consultant service "Helpline".



The training area is equipped with a round table, a cork board and is designed for group training, laboratory studies on psychological and pedagogical disciplines of applied character.

In the laboratory, installed computer with software designed for individual diagnostics and diagnostic groups and collectives. As the functionality of the system allows you to:
• - conduct professional psychological examination using ready-made tests;
• - modify existing techniques based on the specific contingent diagnostic tasks, etc .;
• - to create and introduce the system needed to run the tests.

Puti 9                     Puti 10
The system includes a variety of diagnostic techniques used to determine the level of development of personal, business, social and intellectual qualities of subjects and identify deviations from the psychological norms (classical tests Luscher, Eysenck, Kettel, MMPI, different variants of the methodology "semantic differential", unique techniques psychobiographical ). Depending on the task tests can be used in full or express variants, selectively or "battery" (a series of successive test run).
Having trained for the specialty 050103 "Pedagogy and Psychology" atArkalyk State Pedagogical Institute named after I.Altynsarin a graduate will be able to fully realize himself as a school and an educational psychologist and also as a psychologist consultant in organization.

Center for pedagogical skills and best practices

Puti 11Pedagogical skills - is the ability to optimize all activities to direct them to the full development and improvement of the individual, the formation of its outlook, abilities, needs social activities
In this center, students master the basics of pedagogical skills, as well as study the experience of leading teachers of Kazakhstan, near and far abroad countries.
In addition to teaching organization and methodology of the lesson and educational activities, students learn teaching techniques that plays an important role in the preparation of highly qualified specialists. Here, students master techniques of pedagogical influence skillfully formulate and solve a variety of practical tasks and situations. Much attention is paid to teaching special skills:
 mobilize students on an intensive cognitive activity Puti 12
 interaction with the team and individuals
 organization team
 possession of his mood, voice, facial expressions, pantomime
Pedagogical technique contributes to the harmonious unity of the internal activity of the teacher and the content of external expression. Skill of the teacher - in the synthesis of spiritual culture and pedagogically appropriate external expression.
The center is equipped with the necessary equipment: TV and sound recording and reproducing apparatus, speakers rostrum, cork board, wall-mounted full-length mirrors and decorated in a modern style.

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