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Information on the implementation of the strategy

Information on the results of the implementation of the strategic plan of the university
Department of Music and Fine Arts

The Department of Music and Fine Arts carries out its activities in accordance with the developed Strategic Development Plan of the Arkhangelsk City Administration for the years 2017-2021. The activity is aimed at the realization of the strategic goal - the preparation of highly qualified teachers to provide quality education, the improvement and modernization of priority activities, competitive music teachers and visual arts with competence in the organizations of the education system.
Training is conducted on specialties 5В010700 - Fine arts and drawing and 5В010600 - Music education.
The contingent of students is:
on the specialty 5B010700 - Fine arts and drawing - 36, of them full-time students - 19, part-time department - 17. Of the 36 students, 7 are holders of state educational grants.
on specialty 5B010600 - Musical education - 47, of them full-time students - 17, part-time department - 30. Of 47 students, 8 are holders of state educational grants.
As part of the implementation of the strategic plan by the department (protocol No. 1 of August 28, 2017), work was carried out in the following areas:

1. Preparation of multilingual pedagogical staff

2017-2018 academic year on specialty 5В010700 "Fine arts and drawing" disciplines are conducted in two languages in the combined groups - History and theory of fine art, Methods of teaching fine arts, Academic painting, Academic drawing, Composition, Computer design, Computer graphics, Teaching methodology Drawing, New technologies in education, Performance of theses.
2017-2018 academic year on the specialty 5B010600 "Musical education" disciplines are conducted in two languages in the combined groups - Solfeggio, Harmony, Choral class, Class of vocals, Choral conducting, Method of teaching the subject of music, History of foreign music, History of Kazakh music, Polyphony, Analysis musical works, New technologies in education., Performing mastery of a music teacher, Additional musical instrument. Concertmaster class.

2. Strengthening the scientific and methodological support of the educational process of specialties
The teaching and teaching staff of the Department of Music and Fine Arts annually plans and carries out work on the preparation and production of educational and methodological literature. In recent years, the following educational and methodical literature has been prepared and released:
- 2013-2014. - 4 methodical manuals (Zharmaganbetova Zh.R., Baysengirov MK, Bultirikova Zh.I., Begalova MS), 1-electronic textbook (Turikpenova S.Zh.), 2-catalog (Ospanov B.E. ., Uzakov SA), 2-monograph (Dosanova KK, Turikpenova S.Zh.);
- 2014-2015. - 2 methodical manuals (Baysengirov M.K., Shayakhmetova AA), 4-electronic textbooks (Turikpenova S.Zh., Begalova MS, Bultirikova Zh.I., Zharmaganbetova Zh.R.), 3-catalog (Uzakov SA, Zharaskanov KS, Baysengirov MK);
- 2015-2016 - 2 teaching aids (Shayakhmetova AA, Zharmaganbetova Zh.R.), 2-electronic textbooks (Begalova MS, Bultirikova Zh.I.).
- 2016-2017 - Turikpenova S.Zh. "Kazakstannyn beineleu onerinin tarihy" - educational aid. "Mr.Formart" LLP "baspasy", - Astana, 2016 ж. (ISBN 978-601-321-202-9); "Mamandykka kirispe" is a textbook. "Mr.Formart" LLP "baspasy", - Astana, 2016 ж. (ISBN 978-601-321-201-2); Turikpenova S.Zh., Zharaschanov K.S. "Keskindeny oyytu әdistemesi" an electronic textbook. ARMPS are the basps. 12/28/2016; f. Turikpenova S.Zh., Ұzaқov S.Ә. «Mүsin zhane plastikaly anatomya »e-textbook. ARMPS are the basps. 12/28/2016; f. Turikpenova S.Zh. "Ebru" is a catalog. Arқaly 12.2016; Baiseugirov M.Қ. "Kalner nigizderi" is an electronic textbook. ArtyMPi Baspa, November 28, 2016; Zharmaғanbetova Zh.R. "Zhogary oku oryndaryndagy oku urdisine studentterdin beimdeluinin pedagogikalyk-psihologiyalyk negizi " - methodical manual. ARMPS are the basps. 09/13/2016; f. Shayakhmetova AA "The history of foreign music" - an electronic textbook. ARMPS are the basps. 2017 ж.306 MB; Zharaskanov K.S. "Keskindemeden wygarmawylyk jumystar " catalog ARMPS ,baspasy, 2017 y., 0,5 sh.b.t; Uzakov S.A. «Musin zhane grafidan shygarmashylyk jumyztar» the catalog ARMPS baspasy , 2017 y., 0,19 sh.b.t


Educational-methodical manuals


Catalogues creative works of teachers


Electronic text books


Electronic textbook is approved and recommended by the Republican educational-methodical section and the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Elektronniy uchebnik

Electronic Textbooks


Catalogs of creative works of students

3. Renewal of the scientific and methodological base for training specialists taking into account the development of the region and transition to a 12-year general secondary education

The department conducts an annual work to update the curricula of specialties, taking into account the needs of employers, as well as on the basis of letters from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan. For the last 3 years the following disciplines have been included in the curricula: specialty 5B010600 "Music education" disciplines of choice: "Encouraging students to musical creativity in the 12-year education system", "New technologies in education"; on the specialty 5B010700 "Fine arts and drawing" of the discipline of choice: "New technologies in education."

The results of the SAC are the average for 3 years (2014-2015, 2015-2016, 2016-2017):
- specialty 5B010700 "Fine Arts and Drawing" - 94.5%
- specialty 5B010600 "Music Education" - 94%

5. Development and implementation of special elective disciplines in strategic areas for specialties

According to the strategic plan of the university, the following are the main directions for the introduction of elective disciplines, this is the specialty 5B010700-Fine Arts and Drawing:
- "Methods of teaching the subject of art in the 12-year education system" (3 credits)
on specialty 5B010600 "Music education"
- "Encouraging students of musical creativity in the system of 12-year education" (2 credits)

6. Active participation of students in public life of the institute, city
Specialty students participate in in-institute, city events:
2014-2015. - students specializing in "Musical Education" took an active part in the concert for the Teacher's Day "Ustazdar- urpak maktanyshy", by March 8 "Siyynar em, ana degen tәңirge!"; exhibition of creative works of students of the specialty "Fine Arts and Drawing", dedicated to Day 1 of the President; participation of students in the specialties "Fine Arts and Drawing" and "Music Education" in the concert "Khosh Keldің Әz Nauryz"; at the city and institute level an exhibition of creative works of students and teachers of the specialty "Fine Arts and Drawing" dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory "Eshkim ұmytylmayda, eş nәrce de ұmyt қalmaydy" was held; participation of students of the department in the competition "Student Spring" at the city and regional level; competition "Zhigitter sultany-2014" students Seyzhan E. and Abuzar E. won the places in the nominations "Onerli", "Sozge sheshen".
2015-2016. - the concert "Dasturli auen – onerdin orenі" to the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory, the contest "Halyz sazy" in the nomination "Karemmen kazayymy" was awarded to the group "Xem-ay"; the creative exhibition "Karyndash kudireti" was attended by 1st year students; exhibition of creative works of students of the specialty "Fine Arts and Drawing" dedicated to the holiday "Kazyna Ensemble - 10 zhyl"; participation of students in the concert by March 8 "Ana-baqyt, ana-aru, ana-zhar", student of 1 course Shahayeva Z. won 2nd place in the nomination "Dancing" in the contest "Hello, biz talantardi izdeymiz!"; students specializing in "Music Education" and "Fine Arts and Drawing" took an active part in the concert "Khosh Keldin Az Nauryz!"; at the end of each semester there is an exhibition of creative works of students of the specialty "Fine Arts and Drawing".
2016-2017 - the student exhibition " Hopefully, I gave you my blessing ", dedicated to the 175th anniversary of I.Altynsarin was held .; a festive concert by March 8 "Ana-omir guli" was conducted by MB-31 students; students of the MB-21 group organized a festive program "Aspannan nur zhadyryp," from Nauryz Keldi Elim! "; to the 60th anniversary of the city of Arkalyk there was a concert "Arayly Arkalyk!", where the works of local composers were performed and a creative exhibition was organized; On December 7, the city's museum of local lore hosted a creative exhibition of graphic works "Karyndash Adityi" by a third-year student Aljapar Daniyar; in the month of April in Shymkent the republican scientific and practical conference "Kazak ulty" tapestry onerinin negizin
kalaushy Kurasbek tynybekovke 70 zhyl "was held, where the students of the group BS-31 U. Abdilda, D.Aydarbekova participated with the article" torgai onirindegi zergerlik onerdin ereksheligi" Amankeldy A., Bolat A. with the article "Bastauysh sinyptarda beyneleu өnerin oyytudyң utymdy tasіlderi", students of group BS-21 Toleukhan P., Amirbekova A. "Tapestry onerinin kalyptasuy jane damuy" and received certificates for participation. On March 22, on the 4th floor of the institute, an event at the faculty level dedicated to the Nauryz holiday was held in the foyer. The faculty and students took part in the celebration. On the holiday, each department was divided into auls, students and all comers could play national games, students and teachers organized a festive concert. The holiday was colorfully decorated, very well attended, organized; On December 7, there was a patriotic contest among young people "Eline Ruh bergen under" dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the 100th anniversary of the National Liberation Movement, where the student of MB-31 Kasymkhan Azhar took 2nd place and was awarded a diploma; On April 10, in the assembly hall of the Institute, a charity concert "Zhan Shuaki" was organized by the MB-11 group, where students of the group Tursynbekov Akzhol, Sabit Zhanbolat and Sapar Alisher were actively involved; March 16-17 in the Karaganda State University. E.A. The IX Republican subject Olympiad on the specialty 5B010700-Fine art and drawing on the theme " The history of the Kazakh people in fine arts and modern art of Kazakhstani artists ","where the students of group BS-31 Abdraev Amandy, IZO-32 Aljapar Daniyar participated, received certificates for participation. Student Abdraev Amandyk was awarded a diploma of the third degree in the nomination "Composition".

7. Students are socially protected
Social security of students specialties is provided by a discount for tuition. A student of the specialty "Music Education" Seydakhmetov A. is exempt from payment of tuition for 100%. Also for students of the specialty "Fine Arts and Drawing" help with the necessary means for the educational process (canvas, watercolor, gouache, paper, oil paints - a set, various types of brushes).


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