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Department of Physics and Mathematics


Zhumabayeva Saniya

Head of the Department of Physics and Mathematics

Address: Arkalyk str. Auelbekov, 17, 516 cabinet

tel: 110 (internal)

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Brief History


Department of Mathematics and Physics was founded in 1972 with the inception of the Institute. At various times, the Department of reorganizing. As a result, reorgonizatsii in September 2009 from the Department of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics, two departments were formed: Mathematics and Physics; Informatics. The department working doctors of sciences, candidates of sciences. Among them: Tolegenov M.O. - Doctor of technical sciences, professor, Alimuhanbetova G.E. - Doctor of Education, Kagazbaeva A.K. - Doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor, A.U. Umbetov - Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Associate Professor, PhD (RhD), academician MAIN; candidate of physical and mathematical sciences: Kuzhekeev J., Bashar R.B., Makhanov U.M., A.K. Akhmetov, Urazaliev A.U., Onaybaev K.O., Kaidasov Z.K., A.K. Morzabaev, Baygonysov O.B., Aikin M.K., Abdikalikova G.A., Erhov V.I., Nurzhanov N.S., T.I. Dauletov, Ismagulova R.S., Birzhanov A.B., Bekmurzaev B., candidate of pedagogical sciences: Morzabaeva R.B., Baymadieva G.A., Abdibekov S.K., Bazarbaeva G., Grinchenko N.A., Kaskataeva B.R., Baldikov A.B.; candidate of technical sciences Andas M.A., Tugunbaev K.W .; PhD Urazaliev U.I.
The tasks of the department:
Preparation of highly skilled bachelors on specialties "Mathematics" and "Physics" on the basis of the requirements of SES RK.
As a result of the development of education programs for Bachelor specialty 5V010900-Mathematics and 5V011000-Physics perform the following professional activities:
• education;
• experimental research;
• organizatsionno-management;
• Social-pedagogical;
• training and upbringing;
• training and technology.
The objects of activity Occupational Bachelor of Education majoring 5V010900 - Мathematics are:
• the organization of pre-school education and training;
• primary, basic and specialized schools;
• spetsializirovonnye school;
• the organization of technical and vocational, post-secondary education.
The objects of activity Occupational Bachelor of Education majoring 5V011000 - Physics are:
- Educational institutions of public and private finance, schools, lyceums, gymnasiums, colleges, training zavedaniya technical and vocational education.
Upon completion of training courses in the bachelor graduates majoring 5V010900 - Mathematics and 5V011000 - Physics have the opportunity to continue their education in graduate and doctoral studies on specialties "Mathematics", "Physics", "Informatics", "Pedagogy and psychology".
Teaching Staff:
1 Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), academician MAIN, professor ArkGPI, candidate of sciences; associate professor; 9 master of senior teachers; 3 master teachers.

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The main directions of research in the department:
"Formation of research competence of students in the learning disciplines of mathematics and physics".
Outstanding graduates:
Doctor of Education, Professor Alimuhanbetova G .; kandidant of pedagogical sciences, associate professor Grinchenko N.A .; Associate Professor Abdikalykova G.A.; Deputy Head of the National Security Committee of Kazakhstan Amirov G.; Deputy akim of Arkalyk - Shaldybaev H.; Head of Arkalyk city SCPP Nurmanov K.; director of the College of Economics and Law - Sarzhanov S.A.; director of secondary school №6 Zhunusov K.; director of high school №1 - Mukanova G.; Chief Specialist of the Department of Education Arkalyk city Abu M.

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