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Department of Computer Scince


Yeskermessuly Alibek
Manager of Computer Scince, senior teacher, master of natural sciences
Ph.: 8 (71430) 7-13-81, internal ph. 135
The chair settles down in the main case of ARKGPI, on 2 floor, No. 227 an office

    Brief historical information
  Informatics training of specialists since 1990 was conducted on Fiziki and Vysshey matematiki chairs on the specialties "Physics and Informatics", "Mathematics and Informatics".
   On disciplines information scientists gave lectures graduates of universities, teacher training colleges and skilled teachers of high schools of the city: к.п.н. Alimukhametova G. E. к.п.н. Bazarbayeva G. S., senior teachers Nurushev H.I. Akhatova Zh.E. Nurgaliyeva G. M., Baydalin ZH.D.
   Since 2004 on chair of mathematics, physics and informatics training of bachelors in the specialty – 050111 – "Informatics" was conducted. Heads of the department were к.п.н. Bazarbayeva G. S., senior lecturer Abdigaliyeva Zh.Zh. k.f-m.n. associate professor Umbetov A.U.
   As a result of reorganization on September 7, 2009 the chair of the information scientist began to function independently. The senior teacher Kaparov of Page E was the first head of the department. From 2010-2011 academic years on 20012-2013 acting managers chair is the senior teacher Almatova A.M. 2013-2014 academic year of the acting manager chair is the senior teacher, the master of natural sciences Utelbayeva A.B. With the 2014-2015 on the 2016-2017 academic year head of the Department is senior lecturer, master of science Almatova A.M.
  On September 4, 2017-2018 academic year head of the Department is senior lecturer, master of science Yeskermessuly Alibek.


     The Department has 8 professors, 9 master students and 4 teachers.
     The senior teacher of chair Akhatova Zhanar Edresovna are graduates of the Karaganda state university 1987 of year as "Mathematician".
    From September 2017 the Department has a graduate Arkalyk state pedagogical Institute im. I. Altynsarin of Ilebaev M. A. (2013).
    The main structure of PPS – graduates of Arkalyksky state teacher training college of a name of I.Altynsarin on the specialties "Mathematics and Informatics", "Physics and Informatics" - Almatova A.M. (1999), Valiullov M.R. (2001) Bayzakova S. S. (2002), Shongalova K.S. (2007), Aliyeva G. S. (2007), Nazarova B.K.(2002), Sundetbayeva A.Zh. (2012), Zhamalova S.A.(2007), Аzhibekova P.S (2013).
    Since 2008 of discipline of informatics are carried out in multimedia and classroom complexes of the center of information technologies.
Chair tasks
• Training of competent experts, bachelors of informatics;
• Introduction of information and communication technologies in training;
• Ensuring educational process of UMKS, UMKD on informatics;
• Training of PPS, the staff of institute to use to information and communication technologies (within professional development).
8-seniors of the teacher
4 - teacher

The main direction of scientific activity on chair:
Research activity in the process of технологизации in educations

The Aim
Research activity in the process of technologization in education

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