Analysis on the recommendations and observations of accreditation.

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Analysis on the recommendations and observations of accreditation

     Analysis on the recommendations and observations of accreditation.

    During its activity the chair has passed the process of evaluating the quality of services provided and individual educational programs within the institutional accreditation (IKAQAI, 2013) and specialized accreditation (IKAQAI, 2015).
  As a result of the specialized accreditation of educational programs in the field 5B011400 "History", 5B011500 "Basics of Law and Economics" have been accredited until 05.22.2018, at on the basis of a sufficient level of conformity to the accreditation body standards. Specialized accreditation process yielded an objective external assessment in which the experts of accreditation body based on the results of their work have given appropriate recommendations to improve the quality of educational programs.
     As a result of the specialized accreditation of the department of work done to improve the quality of educational programs and educational services in general:
  1. To further the progressive and sought after development of an educational program paid special attention to regional needs, in particular for the preparation of specialists for UGS. Thus, in the preparation of the modular curriculum in educational programs of specialties introduced discipline on ungraded schools inclusive and 12 years of education: Theory and methods of teaching the history of Kazakhstan in the UGS, Methodology of the 12 years of education, Methods of teaching history in an inclusive education system (specialties 5B011400 "History", 5B011500 "Basics of Law and Economics" as approved at the meeting of the Academic Council, protocol №13 from 25.06.2014) ; Theory and methods of 12 years of education in Kazakhstan, Methods of teaching history in the system of inclusive education, the Organization of the institutional educational trajectory in a 12-year education, legal and economic framework for special and inclusive education ( specialties 5B011400 "History", 5B011500 "Foundations of Law and economy "adopted at a meeting of the Academic Council, protocol №12 from 24.06.2015).
     2. In order to develop educational programs that would increase the professional competence of graduates in accordance with the objectives of new disciplines of choice component of basic and majors have been developed: Theory and methods of legal and economic education, Educational Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan, methodology and methods of research the basics right and Economics, Ethnic and cultural education in the Republic of Kazakhstan, education dekmokraticheskoy citizenship and human rights (5B011400 specialties "History", 5B011500 "Basics of Law and Economics" as approved at the meeting of the Academic Council, protocol №12 from 24.06.2015).
    3. In terms of promoting a high percentage of employment of graduates of the institute improved organizational and pedagogical conditions, by maintaining work forms that train of reflection, form the students ability and skills to carry out self-examination, self-control, self-esteem and self-correction activities. For the reporting period the following forms of work have been carried out: the organization of meetings with experts education department Arkalyk city, a round table with an explanation of the program "With diploma to the village", pre-fair job vacancies, filling out the questionnaire, a summary of the characteristics for graduates holding open event «The familiarization of the graduates with the rules of social support for young professionals».
    4. To expand the practice-oriented focus of disciplines, in addition to the practical training of various kinds, planned in a modular curriculum in 2016 carries out independent work of students with the teacher on the basis of institutions of secondary education in the disciplines of compulsory component of the "Methods of teaching history", "Methods of Teaching fundamentals of law and economics ", on the basis of agreements with the schools of the town of Arkalyk. In order to attract students to the study of foreign languages carried out work on the promotion of learning English for participation in international programs, competitions, projects and academic mobility. The result of activating work in this direction can be considered part of the student specialty 5B011500 "Basics of Law and Economics" Omirzak K. TEMPUS STUDIK international program (Vienna, Austria).
  5. As part of the expansion of international cooperation and to improve the academic qualifications of teachers are faculty members of the Department of overseas training and skills development. In 2013, the senior teacher of the educational program in the specialty 5B011500 "Basics of Law and Economics" Bermagambet R.E. held overseas internship at the International Academy of Management and Technology (Duesseldorf, Germany). The Treaty on the International Partnership (the Partnership Contract number 86) was signed during the trip. Together with representatives of the International Academy of Management and Technology it is planned to publish the Short Kazakh-Russian-German, Russian-Kazakh-German, German-Kazakh-Russian dictionary of educational and legal terms and concepts.
    In 2015, the senior teacher of the educational program 5B01400 specialty "History" Eleusov B.A. held a refresher course at the University of Tsukuba (Tsukuba, Japan). educational-methodical seminar was held for teachers of the department.
     At the moment, work is carried out to enhance and strengthen international and other relations department.
    6. The Institute created a model of electron-innovative university: educational portal of distance learning, digital library. Access to all information resources is based on an individual login. specialty students have access to electronic resources available RMEB, Thomson Reuters, Scopus, Elsevier and access to the "Lan" resource publishing (St. Peteburg, Russia). The digital library has a kiosk with information referral system, there is an equipment Polycom video conferencing, interactive boards, installed contactless panel search engine library information, equipped center of educational television, which can create educational programs, films and other educational resources in strict accordance with state educational standards, purchased an interactive platform.

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