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Information on the implementation of the strategy

Standard "Strategic Development and Quality Assurance"

Information on the implementation of the strategic plan Development ArkSPI im.I.Altynsarina on 2017-2021 gg.

  ArkSPI - Pedagogical university, providing specialists not only Torgay region, Kostanay region, but also other areas of Kazakhstan, especially rural schools. To implement the strategic goals and objectives behalf Altynsarin Arkalyk State Pedagogical Institute for 2017-2021 at the Department of Chemistry, Biology and Geography of the following work has been done.
  1. In connection strengthening teacher training programs within the divisions: the language - information - profile. Teachers of the department carry out the teaching of subjects in two languages (Kazakh - Russian): Antaeva AS, Tasbulatova GS, Arystanov SA, Nurkhanov MA, Balykbaeva GS The proportion of graduates who teach the subject in two languages (Kazakh - Russian) at the end of the 2015-2016 academic year is 50% of the total number of graduates.
Share PPP teaching the subject in two languages (Kazakh - Russian) is - 60%.
  Share PPP teaching the subject in three languages (Kazakh - Russian -English) is - 10%. (Senior Lecturer, Master of Chemistry Antaeva AS, Senior Lecturer, Master of Biology Tasbulatova GS).
  With the 2016-2017 school year, teachers of the department teach classes in English. Senior Lecturer, Master of Biology GS Tasbulatova prepared methodical complex on discipline "Zoology of invertebrates and vertebrates" specialty 5V011300 - Biology 3 course and conducts classes in English.Every year there is a contest among students of 2,3 courses for passing the foreign academic mobility. Student 4-year degree 5V011600 Geography Moldahmetova Aynur Kayrbekovna successfully passed the selection of students to study in the Slovak Republic, under the program of international academic mobility, showed the highest result among the participants. At this time, sent to study at the University of St. Cyril and Mifodiya g.Trnava, Slovak Republic.
  2. To enhance the level of teaching staff of the department of chemistry, biology and geography through targeted training held following teachers:
- J.T. Abdrasulova He studied in the period 2012 - 2015 gg. doctoral KazZhenGPU;
- Antaeva A.S., Seylova A.E., A.D.Nurkenova trained in the magistracy in the specialty 6M011200 - "Chemistry" in Kazakh National Pedagogical University named after Abai;
- Kemelbaeva A.K.,Auatov A.S. verses trained in the magistracy in the specialty 6M011300 - "Biology" in the Kazakh National Pedagogical University named after Abai;
- Baygukin G.T., Salimjanov N.O. They trained in the magistracy in the specialty 6M011600 - "Geography" in the Kazakh National Pedagogical University named after Abai.
Among the teachers of the department Master's degree completed 9 teachers: Tasbulatova G.S., M.S.Amirov, Zhienbayev S.B., Dosmagulova K.K., Hamit A.Z., Balykbaeva G.S., Imankulov K.E. , Calcasieu Parish S.G., Z.K.Nakishbaeva The second master's course, students 1 teacher (Nurkhanov M.A.).
  Each year, the department graduates enter the magistracy: in 2013 KazNPU. Abay received: Seilov A Mombekov C Kemelbaeva A Ereshova A Baygukin D, as well as Master's University "Turan-Astana" Babasova A. In 2014, Masters KazNPU. Abay received Nurkenova A., Auatov A., Salimjanov N. The magistracy of the Kazakh University of Business and Technology Zhunusov E., and K. Zarpullaeva entered the Masters South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical Institute.
The results of the SJC 5V011200 students on specialties "Chemistry", 5V011300 "Biology" and 5V011600 "Geography" 2014-2015 academic year - 100%, in 2015 - 2016 academic year - 100%.
  3. Mechanisms to collect information on specific areas of the university are automated on the basis of information and communication technologies. On the basis of ArkGPI introduced the mega-project "Electronic university", providing the ability to synchronize with the applicable software products that operate at the institute, in order to further step closer to the Smart Institute building. Implementation of an automated information system (AIS) «Platonus» performs all the control functions of IP subsystems. The completed project provides work program modules: "Admissions Office", "DUP", "Dean", "Department", "student", "Trial testing for college graduates."
   Data collection and monitoring system at the Institute is supported by information systems: for a full-time education is the AIS «Platonus», absentee-distance form of AIS «Moodle» training. These systems allow you to track the level and quality of students' progress in all subjects studied in the course of development of the educational program.
   The Institute created a model of electron-innovative university: educational portal of distance learning, digital library. Access to all information resources is based on an individual login. Institute students have access to electronic resources available RMEB, ThomsonReuters, Scopus, Elsevier and access to Lan Russian publishing resources (St. Peteburg). The digital library has a kiosk with information referral system, there is an equipment Polycom video conferencing, interactive boards, installed contactless panel search engine library information, equipped center of educational television, which can create educational programs, films and other educational resources in strict accordance with state educational standards, purchased an interactive platform.
  Information on all activities of the Institute is reflected in the pages of republican, regional and regional newspapers, banners on the building of the institute. information stands about the varied activities of the university is also decorated in the institute buildings: teaching, research, educational, artistic, and others.
   The main criteria for the identification, assessment and planning potreb¬nostey university and its structural divisions in the information technology tools (ITS) is the development of university education in the field of new technologies informa¬tsionnyh. In the analysis of the ITS guided by the principle of sustainability, quality and pricing, the following costs are laid in the institute estimates.
  The university established and continuously improved the system to ensure regular feedback to the university staff, including various forms of conferences, seminars, interviews, conducting the survey, the enlarged meeting of Council of the Faculty, the enlarged meeting of the Academic Council.
   Are formed and operate information channels feedback from staff and students of the university guidance (meetings, meetings and meetings of the Council).
    Functions "box feedback and suggestions." university staff Reception on personal matters rector made one day a week, in strict accordance with the reception schedules.
Information obtained on all feedback channels, analyzed and used to correct and improve policies, strategies and development plans of the university.
    The Institute has a website, supporting the mission, goals, the university policy. The structure of the site: the "News", "General Information" with subcategories: "Education", "Departments", "student", "Science and International Cooperation", "State purchases", "Alumni Association". The Institute in the module web-site «» there is a "Virtual Receptionist", designed for effective feedback to students and their parents, staff, faculty, employers, members of the public.
   The university established and continuously improved the system to ensure regular feedback to the university staff, including various forms of conferences, seminars, interviews, conducting the survey, the enlarged meeting of Council of the Faculty, the enlarged meeting of the Academic Council.
   4. In 2015 successfully passed the specialized accreditation of educational programs. According to the report on the specialized accreditation of educational programs 5V011600 "Geography" has a number of recommendations for which the following measures are taken:
   5. The complex of measures on patriotic education and formation of civic engagement and social responsibility. Curators groups held curatorial watch on the Day of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the state symbols of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the order of their use, a holiday Nauryz, Victory Day in World War II. To expand the capacity of young people in research activities operate student research circles of "Chemistry and Life", "Biology is the basis of life", "Geography and Regional Studies." Mugs operates on a basis of a head of the department plan. Members of the group are 45 people 1-4 courses.
  ArkSPI focuses on the cultural life and leisure, sports and tourism activities, research activities of the students. Educational work in Arkalyk State Pedagogical Institute carried out in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Education"; State program of education development in the Republic of Kazakhstan on 2011-2020g .; Law "On state youth policy in the Republic of Kazakhstan"; Concept of Education Development of Kazakhstan (2004-2015.); Development Strategy ArkGPI them. Y.Altynsarin for 2011-2015; ArkGPI Charter and other normative documents regulating educational and educational activities of the university.
  Implementation of the plan of educational work and youth policy Arkalyk state students name Altynsarin Pedagogical Institute was aimed at creating a single educational space for the formation of personality with a strong civil activity, national consciousness, focused on a competitive, fully developed specialist.
   The main goal of educational work and youth policy ArkGPI students, is to create conditions for the formation of socially adapted person with active citizenship, patriotism and tolerance, with deep national consciousness, possessing qualities and characteristics of the future competitive specialist.
    In accordance with the intended purpose, it has been indicated by a number of problems of educational activity:
• education of Kazakhstan patriotism, tolerance, high culture, citizenship, respect for human rights and freedoms, state symbols, national traditions;
• Formation of a humanistic world view;
• creation of an optimal social and cultural environment, aimed at creative self-expression and self-realization of the individual student;
• improving the culture of inter-ethnic and ethnic relations among the students;
• creating motivation for a healthy lifestyle, the need to work, rejection of anti-social phenomena;
• promote intellectual development and cognitive activity of the student;
• creation of a cohesive team vnutrivuzovskogo, comfortable social and psychological conditions for communicative and personal development of future professionals;
• strengthen and preserve the best traditions of the institute, the Kazakh students, aimed at raising students' ideas about the prestige of the chosen institution, the profession;
• the development and improvement of student self-government as one of the necessary conditions for the development of the modern university community.
  The main direction of media coverage is to work to promote and clarify the annual Address of the President of Kazakhstan: in the department faculty and curators conducted lectures, curator hours; a meeting of the faculty and students of the university with members of advocacy groups from the regional center.
    The complex of measures on patriotic education and formation of civic engagement and social responsibility.
A significant place is occupied by activities designed to promote respect for the state symbols of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Among them curator hours «Тәуелсіздік ата – баба арманы!», «Көп ұлттық ортақ үй – Қазақстан», «Рәміздерім – мақтанышым!», «Ынтымақ – достық кепілі». Legal education of youth is one of the most important areas of the institute. A series of events: Competition «Көктем аруы», festival «Мен, сен, ол – біз салауатты ел»,, intellectual game "Elim Menin", «Елім менің», «Қазіргі қоғамдағы Қазақстандық патриотизмді дамыту», «Мой казахстан. Мой Аркалык», «Тамыры терең ана тілінің тағдыры қандай?», «Армысың, әз Наурыз!». Student young people taking an active part in the ongoing Office for the educational work of large-scale events to commemorate the anniversaries of the history of the state: the Victory Day, the Day of the state symbols, Constitution Day, Independence Day, and events dedicated to 550 - anniversary of the Kazakh Khanate:
   Events dedicated to the Day of languages of people of Kazakhstan took place at the Department of Chemistry, Biology and Geography under the leadership of the group of B-41 was held a debate on the topic «Тіл мерекесі – ел мерекесі».
In the framework of events dedicated to the Day of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan were held curatorial hours: «Елбасы жолдайды – халқы қолдайды», «Қазақстан – жаңа жетістіктер жетегіндегі ел». Students of the specialty "Biology" organized as: a flash mob «Таза қала – денсаулық кепілі», curator hours: «Жаны саудың - тәні сау», «Ұстаз аты биік әрі мәңгілік», «Ерлік – елге мұра, ұрпаққа - ұран», «Тәуелсіздікке ақ тілек!» «Мир без ядерного оружия» «Ұрпақтар ұмытпайтын Ұлы Жеңіс!», «Ұлы ағартушы Ыбырай ізімен», «Діни ағымдардан қалай арыламыз»; competitions: «Алло, мы ищем таланты!», «Жырың болып төгілемін, елім» and many others. al. Full-time students live in the dormitory of the Institute. Five-storey dormitory building, the number of living rooms - 448. This year, the repair of toilets conducted, shower, laundry, washroom.
   Rooms at the hostel meet all sanitary-epidemiological norms. In each section there is a shower and toilet. On each floor there are household rooms, equipped with modern appliances.
  The hostel regularly staffed by teachers, as well as carry out educational activities, curatorial hours, "Bіz talanttardy іzdeymіz!" Among students 1kursa, "Menin Dostar mәdeniettі, Menin bөlmem pelvis!" Action "Clean - the guarantee of health" was held. Conducted actions on the Day of Thanks.
  There are mugs "Biology - the basis of life" for the disclosure of the potential of young people at the Department of Chemistry, Biology and Geography. (Head Arystanov SA), "Chemistry and Life" (leader Hamit AZ) "Geology and Ecology" (Nakishbaeva J. K). Circle participants prepared messages containing basic information on the work done. Mug Work Forms: round table presentation protection, debates, mini-conferences, etc. Mugs operate on the basis of the approved plan, head of the department. Circle members are the 11 people 1 - 4 course. Students of the department are actively involved in research activities of the Institute, namely:
- In international scientific conferences (27statey)
- In the republican scientific-practical conference "Altynsarinskie Readings - 2015" (27 articles), "Tolegenovskie Readings - 2015" (12 articles), "the fateful decision of the First President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev on the formation of new Kazakhstan" (6 articles)
- In the regional scientific-practical conference "Kazakhstan -2050" industriyaldy - innovatsiyalyқ lady strategiyasyn zhүzege asyrudyң aymaқtyқ mүmkіndіkterі (27 articles).
   2013 4th year student Bөgetbaeva Ukil with a scientific project on «Тұқым қуалайтын аурулар», 2014 3rd year student Aynur Altybay a research project on the topic «Биология сабақтарында танымжорықты ұйымдастырудың әдістемесі», 2nd year student Kuandykova Aygerim a research project on the topic «Торғай өңірінің шипалы өсімдіктері» participated in the competition of research projects on competition of premiums Rector ArkGPI.
  2015-2016 academic year, students work 2 courses dildo Goulden "The chemical composition of plants of the genus POPULUS L.i their use" at the Institute took 2nd place, 3rd year Murat Alemnur «Тұрмыстық жуғыш заттардың биологиялық объектілерге әсері мен зиянын зерттеу» the Institute took 3rd place.
2016-2017 academic year, the 2 nd year student of Қabdigali Zhuldiz took the third place in scientific works on the topic "Toponymy Turgai" in the republican scientific contest.
   The complex of measures on development of socially significant qualities and communicative culture of the person of students, the development and support of young talents. Students of the active participants of the festival "Student Spring - 2016" (Zhanatauova D. student of B-4kurs) Retro Festival; competition "Leader of the Institute", "Miss ArkGPI" (Kenzhagalieva A, B-11 course), "Hello, we are looking for talent."
   6. The students of the department from 2014 to successfully study the discipline "Kazakh Eli", which was included in a modular curriculum and is aimed at the formation of a stable ethno-cultural basis of Kazakhstan's society.
The aim of this discipline are: to reveal the essence of the content, forms and methods of practical technology transfer and civil social experience. Objectives: to practice independently obtained integrated knowledge of the homeland, history, people, religion, traditions, customs, rites and languages.
   7. Distance Learning in ArkGPI was introduced in 2014. Specialties 5V011200 "Chemistry", 5V011300 "Biology" and 5V011600 "Geography" are created each year group, students on the basis of higher education.
Students of distance learning have free access to teaching materials of disciplines. Depending on the duration of the program its content is structured in cycles and modules. Most fully represented this content in full-time. The curriculum of the program carried out on the basis of higher education, presented only basic disciplines and majors blocks.
    The share of highly skilled, competent, polylingual owning information technology teaching staff of the total number of graduates of the department on specialties 5V011200 "Chemistry", 5V011300 "Biology" and 5V011600 "Geography" is - 75%.
   The department introduced a unified system of credits on the credit tehnolgii training by type of European Credit Transfer System (ESTC) - Kazakhstan system of credit transfer for ESTC type.
In order to prepare competent teaching staff, owning modern innovative technologies in the conditions of 12 years of education in the CBM introduced such subjects as "Organization of summer school in 12 educational process", "New Technologies in Education".
   In order to train competent pedagogical staff, who own modern innovative technologies in the context of transition to the updated content of education, the following disciplines are introduced in MUP:
- on specialty 5В011600 Geography: "Solving problems in geography", "Geography of Socratic Kazakhstan" and "Teaching geography for the updated training program";
- specialty 5B011200 "Chemistry": "Chemistry training in the updated training program", "Introduction to chemistry" and "Green chemistry and engineering";
- specialty 5B011300 Biology: "Biology training in the renewed training program", "Medicinal Plants" and "Microbiology"

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