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Faculty of Pedagogy and Philology

Kaliev Aybek Kiikbaevich

Dean of the Faculty of Pedagogy and Philology, candidate of philological sciences, associate professor

Tel: 8 (71430) 7-13-81, internal phone - 132

The Faculty is located in the main building ArkGPI, 3-floor room number 301

Faculty today 

Among faculties Arkalyk State Pedagogical Institute, Faculty of Education and philology has its own history of teacher training, training specialists in four languages. Faculty brings together departments and complexes related to the specialties included in the faculty. To discuss the activities of the faculty, decision making on various issues of Education organized the work of the Faculty Council. At this time, the dean of the faculty appointed Associate Professor Kaliev Aybek Kiikbaevich.
A Brief History:
Since the foundation of our Institute faculty trained specialists of the Russian language and literature.
In 1972, the department was established Russian language and literature, and the head of the department which was Tuzelbay Baizhanov.
In 1973-1974 he was the Faculty of Philology and distance learning, headed I.I.Schurinym. Open a special "Russian language and literature in Kazakh schools" were adopted early entrants.

Since 1975 began to operate the Department of Russian and Foreign Languages ​​and Literatures (Head: Art. S.A.Rahmetova teacher).
In 1978 he opened the Department of Russian Language in Kazakh schools.
In the 1990s, due to the lack of specialists of the Kazakh language and literature in the northern regions have the opportunity to take students majoring said: opened 2 year accelerated courses. The first graduates G.K.Bizhanova, R.Choykeeva, R.K.Nurahanova etc.. Externally received specialty. So, in a short time the problem was solved the shortage of specialists in the Kazakh language and literature.
February 3, 1992 opened the Faculty of the Kazakh language and literature, the first dean was Professor Asset Lamash, in 1993 was appointed dean of the Faculty of Philology, Associate Professor Shamshibanu Abisheva.
In 1993, at the Faculty (on the initiative of academician K.Kuzembaya) was discovered Anglo-Kazakh branch, and in 1994 the German-Kazakh branch. Among the first graduates of the Anglo-Kazakh branch were several citizens of Turkish origin.
In the 1994-1995 academic year, the faculty of the Kazakh language and literatuy headed by Candidate of Philology, Associate Professor Sh.A.Ualihanov.
In 1995-1997 he faculty of the Kazakh language and literature led Hist K.G.Darkenov.
In August 2000, by the decision of the Academic Council of the Institute were combined faculties of the Kazakh language and literature and the Faculty of Russian Philology in a single Faculty of Philology. Dean of the Faculty became S.A.Naushabekov.
In 2002-2007 gg Faculty headed Candidate of Philology, Associate Professor Sh.A.Ualihanov.
At the beginning of the new academic year 2007-2008 was founded Faculty of Education and philology. At this time, the dean of the faculty appointed PhD Kaliev Aybek Kiikbaevich.
Chair of the Faculty:
1 Department of methods of preschool and primary education
2 Department of Pedagogy and Psychology
3 Department of Kazakh, Russian Languages ​​and Literatures
4 Department of Clinical Course of Kazakh, Russian and foreign languages


Department of methods of preschool and primary education 

PIP       kryal

          Department of Pedagogy and Psychology         Department of Kazakh, Russian Languages ​​and Literatures 

Esht kollektive

Department of Clinical Course of Kazakh, Russian and foreign languages

Teaching staff:
• 2 doctors of sciences, 2 professors
• 10 candidates
• 25 senior teachers
• 36 masters,
• 16 teachers;
• 5 laboratory technicians.

The faculty is trained in the field of:

  • 5B010100 Preschool education and training
  • 5B010200 Pedagogy and methodology of elementary education
  • 5B010300 Pedagogy and Psychology
  • 5B011700 Kazakh language and literature
  • 5B011800 Russian language and literature
  • 5B011900 Foreign language: two foreign languages
  • 5B012100 Kazakh language and literature in schools with non-Kazakh language learning
  • 5B012200 Russian language and literature in schools with non-Russian language of instruction
  • Qualification allows graduates: 

• a leading specialist in the departments of education management;
• a specialist in pre-school education institutions in-service teacher training;
• in secondary and specialized secondary schools, high schools, high schools and colleges;
• in research centers, institutes in areas of training, education, psychology, methods of teaching particular disciplines;
• a junior researcher in academia;
• an interpreter;
Material and technical base of the faculty
• multimedia audience - 2
• Computer classes - 3
• at the Department of Pedagogy and Psychology Psychology and Education formed complex, the structure of which there are six centers:
"Center of pedagogical skills", "Center methodological support psychological and pedagogical disciplines", "Center ethnopedagogics and ethnic psychology", "Center of psycho-diagnostics and correction", "Center Daryn", "Center of Self-Knowledge."

The Faculty trains 479 students
• on the basis of the state educational grant 412
• on the basis of the contract 67
• Kazakh department 378
• 101 in the Russian department

Additional Information
Studying - hard work, requiring the student perseverance, dedication, hard work, self-reliance, creative attitude to work.
To work the student has been successful and has brought the desired results it is necessary to:
• to organize it:
• the right to set goals and objectives;
• to maintain an optimal mental attitude;
• to manage time and plan your work;
• acquire the skills to work with the book;
• learn to keep records;
• learn to remember to use your memory and thinking;
• maximum use to enhance their knowledge all forms of training sessions;
• acquire the skills of research work;
• acquire the culture of speech and communication.

News of the department:

September 29, 2015 held a sports festival in honor of the 550 th anniversary of the Kazakh Khanate. The festival held sports competitions in volleyball, basketball, athletics and others.
Students of our faculty actively participated in the competitions.
September 22 Presidential Decree was declared the Day of languages of the peoples of Kazakhstan. September 22, 2015 to the Day of languages of the people of Kazakhstan in the departments of the faculty held a number of events. At the Department of methodology of preschool and primary education group PMPE-12, -12 ORD headedby adviser D.B.Tazhibaeva organized and held an open curatorial hour on "Tili bіrdіn tіlegі bir". 09/21/2015 Senior Lecturer of Abdrakhmanova R.B.Department of the practical course of the Kazakh, Russian and foreign languages organized and conducted a contest among students on "Til-tatulyk bіrlіgі."
On September 30 in the auditorium of the ArkSPI passed a concert devoted to Day of Teachers, organized by the Department of the Kazakh, Russian languages and literature.
October 1 Teacher's Day in Arkalyk TYS student-youth theater "Rukhaniyat" in artistic and cultural associations im.M.Dulatova, organized by the Faculty of Pedagogy and Philology, introduced to the audience the play "Apke" the drama of D.Isabekova.

APKEAPKE 2Rector ArkSPI S.B.Kuanyshbaev congratulated the teachers and students of the institute, some teachers were encouraged ratification. We wish good health to teachers, cooperation and prosperity.

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