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     On the Republican program of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the House of Students № 2 was reconstructed on the 2nd of December. On each of 5 dwelling floors, 28 rooms and 17 sections are located, where live for 2-3 students in. There are rest room, bathroom hygiene with the shower and wardrobe in each section. On every floor there is a lobby for rest of students is equipped with modern amenities kitchens, domestic rooms (2 washings machines-automats, bath, 2 ironing boards).The laundry functions, equipped by washing-machines, apartment for stroking, dryer ironing, in a dining-room there is a refrigerator, flag and all necessary devices for preparation of food. There is a laundry equipping by washing-machines, room ironing, drying room, in a dining-room there is a fridge, stove and all necessary devices for cooking. Medical cabinet equipped by all facilities of the first aid with an insulator for patients.

    The all resident are provided by bed belonging. Bed linen changes once per 10 days; the centralized surrenders to the commandant for a washable in laundry. The houses of students are equipped by surveillance camera, located on the porches of building, vestibules, in corridors and on stair grounds. There is the automatic system of the fire warning. In the hostels maintains strict access control that carries commandant and security.
   The organization of work of Houses of students of ArkSPI is regulated by the complete set of documents, setting status of student dormitory, internal order of life and mode of life, role and tasks of members of student self-government.
  The invasion of procedure in the hostels is regulated "Statute about House of students of ArkSPI". The settlement of students in the hostels is carried by the order of chancellor on presentation of deans concerted with a provost on educational and world view work, and trade-union organization of students of ArkSPI. On the basic of order of Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan of the 7th August, 2009 №374 “About claim of financial norms on higher and to post-graduate education",the maximum norm of payment for a residence in House of students is paid 15% from the size of monthly grant, that makes 3.142 tenge in a month.
The hostels of ArkSPI repeatedly became the winner of regional competition of hostels in a nomination the "Best hostels".
    The educational work in the houses of students is a part of teaching and educational process of Institution of higher learning, where primary purposes and tasks of educator work in the hostelsare:
• organization of cultural mass work;
• prophylaxis of asocial and wrongful behavior of students;
• providing of successful adaptation of freshmen to the terms of life in the houses of students;
• forming of requirement in the healthy way of life;
• assistance to work of student self-government.
    The plan of educator work in Houses of students is envisaged various forms and methods on organization of way of life, leisure, and also individual work with students. The plan of educator work in Houses of students is envisage various forms and methods on organization of way of life, leisure, and also individual work with students. Traditional conversations, lectures, collections, evenings of meeting with the representatives of different services with interesting people and other, and also new forms and methods, giving an opportunities to more wide display of personality of every student: discussions, round table and etc. Educators in the close collaboration with departments conduct the row of traditional events: Evening of acquaintances; KVN; "Ақындарайтысы", competition "The Gold autumn"; «Жігітсұлтаны"; "Two stars"; new-year evenings, discos and etc.
   The student advices operate in the Houses of students. The student advice carries out the activity on the basis of "Statute about Student Advice of House of students" and coordinated by administration of hostels.
On the ratified plan advices hold meeting in decision of domestic questions on the observance of internal order (organization of cleaning up, duties), organize and conduct cultural and mass events.In consist of advice the most active students who organize the work of the following commissions enter: in a civilized manner - to mass work; to sport- health work; to Housing and householdwork; heads of every floor.
   According to the set chart, a daily duty in evening time of faculty advisors is organized. Housing and household commission is set up in the complement of that enters : pro-rector on educational and world view work, chief of administrative department, chief of educational and methodological department, management chief on educator work, commandants and educators of Houses of students.

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