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Office of the Registrar

Shaimenova Lyazzat Serikovna

 The Head  Office of the Registrar

Ph.: 8 (71430) 7-13-81, internal ph.: 112

Situated in the main building of ArkSPI, on the 3 floor

The brief information:

Office of the Registrar is included into the fundamental functional obligations: drawing up the academic calendars, lecture streams, lesson timetable, graphics of examinations, the timetable of total state certification for internal and correspondence forms of education, reception, registration and storage of student's documentation, work with the students who are restoring in higher educational institution, being translated from other higher educational institution or from one form of education to another, with the students who have left the academic holiday within elimination of a difference in curricula. Information of statistical reporting and preparation of non-recurring statements of the Institute in the form and in time, established authorities, preparation of orders on staff students, providing divisions and faculties copies of orders and extracts, issue of the academic references, control of the correct registration of student's documentation at faculties, drawing up the reporting on students, maintaining a database on the number of students, providing students with reference at the place of the requirements, implementation of a program of academic mobility of students;

Office of the Registrar annually carries out record of students to the terms established by the academic calendar for academic subjects.  In the process of writing to academic subjects students are counseled advisors to build individual learning paths.

The solution of the Academic council of institute approved quantitative structure of the academic groups for carrying out elective disciplines, translated points (GPA) are approved  from a course on a course: from 1 course on the 2nd – 1,6 points, from the 2nd on the 3rd – 1,8 points, with 3rd on the 4th – 2,00 points.

At credit technology of training the student independently determines the educational trajectory by a record way on academic subjectsof an obligatory component and a component for choice. Terms of record on academic subjects are defined in the academic calendar.

The procedure for recording disciplines organized by office - registrar. At record on a academic subjects and formation of the educational trajectory the student uses consultation of an advisor.

For providing independent determination  of an educational trajectory of training institution:

1) provides to the student the standard curriculum of specialty;

2) provides to the student the directory of elective disciplines;

3)  will organize the record procedure on academic subjects.

The students  of 2, 3, 4 courses begin to record procedure on academic subjects of the next academic year in the middle of March. For students of the 1st course record on academic subjects will be organized after their transfer till August 30.

The volume of an academic load for the entire period of training has to make not less than 128 credits. The volume of an academic load is determined by an obligatory component by the standard curriculum of specialty. Other volume of an academic load is supplemented due to disciplines of a component for choice.

By results of record on academic subjects:

1) the student forms his  individual curriculum;

2) The office - registrar forms the academic streams and groups.

The students of 2, 3, 4 courses have the right to bring adjustments in the individual curriculum till August 25 of the current year.  The individual curriculum of the student is approved by the dean of faculty no later than August 26 of the current year.

The credit technology of training gave the chance of improvement of forms, methods of independent work of students and creative work of teachers on educational methodically ensuring discipline. 

There were raised the informative level of students, skills of independent work. Types of control of knowledge of students amplified. All processes of realization of credit technology of education are automated with use of opportunities of the computer program “Platonus”. The program includes the system of the organization and ensuring educational process, blocks of planning of educational activity, carrying out in semestrial certifications. With introduction in educational process of the computer program “Platonus”, there was an opportunity to accept examinations by computer testing. It allowed to lift quality of knowledge of students, their fair estimation, to mobilize time.


  • Co-operation of registrars and specialists of department with the dean's of offices and chairs on improvement of quality of progress and independence of students in a choice of an educational trajectory;
  • Duly and qualitative completion of the base of test tasks on disciplines of specialties of institute;
  • Monitoring, the analysis and generalization of educational results of students during the whole academic year.

The structure division includes:

  • The Head Office - Registrar
  • Methodologists - registrars of a full-time department
  • Methodologists – registrars of a correspondence department
  • Supernumerary
  • Expert of student's documentation
  • Specialist academic mobility
  • Registrar
  • Manager
  • OR

Brief historical information:

Introduction in educational process of institute of credit technology of training began from 2003-2004 academic years as experiment on specialty 050506 - "Economy".

Since 2004-2005 educational year of all 18 specialties of the 1 course of a full-time department of institute moved to credit technology of training.

There was carried out the first release of bachelors of economy in 2007 (reception of 2003).

In 2008 release of bachelors on all specialties of a full-time department was carried out.

In 2008-2009 academic year on credit technology students of 1-4 courses of a full-time department of 21 specialties are trained.

Since February, 2005 in ArkSPI of I.Altynsarin the registrar office began to function.

Since March, 2010 the office of the registrar was renamed into registration and testing department.

Since February, 2013 the department of registration and testing was renamed the Office -  Registrar.

Official/methodical documents:

The academic calendars of specialties and courses depending on specifics of their training.

Academic streams of lectures

The directory of elective disciplines

Individual curriculum of the student (IC).

The guide for students of 1 course (contains summary of higher education institution, structural divisions, faculties and chairs).

Transcript of the student (the document containing the list of passable disciplines for the corresponding period of education with the indication of the credits and estimates).

Orders on staff of students

Timetable of examinations

Rating and examination sheets

Timetable of state exams

Academic mobility 

Coordination of academic mobility at Arkalyk State Pedagogical Institute named after I.Altynsarin exercises Registrar Office, the department has a specialist who organizes the academic mobility.
The main directions of work for the academic mobility at ArkSPI named after I.Altynsarin:
• Conclusion of agreements on mutual cooperation for the exchange of students with universities in the Republic of Kazakhstan;
• Development of cooperation with universities in the Republic of Kazakhstan;
• Implementation of internal and external academic mobility of students of ArkSPI named after I.Altynsarin;

Currently ArkSPI named after I.Altynsarin signed nine agreements with universities in Kazakhstan - Kazakh National Pedagogical University named after Abai, Kazakh State Women's Pedagogical University, Kustanai State University amed after A.Baytursynov, Kustanai State Pedagogical Institute, Aktobe Regional State University named after K.Zhubanov, Taraz State pedagogical Institute, Pavlodar State Pedagogical Institute, Semipalatinsk State University named after Shakarim, Karaganda State University named after E.A.Buketov and one foreign contract with the University Ya.A.Kamenskii Bratislava (Slovakia).

kartaAcademic mobility at ArkSPI takes into account the Bologna process and the provisions on the organization of academic mobility of students of Arkalyk State Pedagogical Institute named after I.Altynsarin (approved at a meeting of the Scientific Council, minutes №2 dated September 26, 2012).
The main purpose of mobility - to give the student the opportunity to get a broad education in the chosen field of training, provide access to recognized centers of knowledge, broaden student knowledge in all educational areas.
In 2013-2014 academic year during the 2nd term at ArkSPI named after I.Altynsarin 4 students from different universities of Kazakhstan for the passage of the program on academic mobility trained.

1. Auezkhanova Asel - a specialty "Psychology" Kostanai State University im.A.Baytursynova
2. Khairullina Akbota - specialty "Preschool education and training" Taraz State Pedagogical Institute
3. Toksabay Akbota - specialty "Preschool education and training" Taraz State Pedagogical Institute
4. Koshkarbayeva Zhanerke - specialty "Pedagogy and methodology of elementary education" Taraz State Pedagogical Institute

Traditionally, each academic year in April, Registrar Office holds seminars to raise awareness of the program for the 2nd and 3rd years students and with the students trained on academic mobility programs at other universities of Kazakhstan, publishes articles in the local media.

akad mob  akad mob 2

Within the proqramme of academic mobility 39 students of the institute have taken training courses during 2010-2015 years. The great achievement of the institute is tbat students from Kostanai and Taraz State Pedagogical Institutes have taken improving knowledge courses and 2 students of the institute took part in the program of mobility in exchange. In 2015-2016 academic year the institute will confinue its work in this field. Thivd-year students of the faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology are taking training courses in speciality foreign languages at Yan Komenius University in Slovakia for The aim of improving theiv knowledge.


Akadem 2

Akadem 3

Academic mobility – is flu furm step to future !

Academic mobility is very important in education system. It gives more opportunity to solidarity among Higher Educational Institutions.
Academic mobility – it is when a student of any institution may have a chance to continue his studies for improving his Knowledge, changing experiences, making research work at our home or foreign countries for the period of one term.
The aim of the seminar: to have practical work with the students arrived to study from other institutes und for those students who are going to take academic mobility in the following year.
Academic mobility is divided into international and home or national mobility of students.
International academic mobility means to get education in foreign countries, taking research works at scientific institutions on the problem of education and Knowledge.
Home academic mobility is when a student or a teacher of HEI CAN Knowledge in one of the hisher institutions of Kazakhstan.
The development of academic mobility and its implementation is one of the main strategies of our Institute. According to home academic mobility in 2010 and 2015 took courses of study 49 students of our Institute. Students from Kostanai Baitursynov and Taras pedagogical Institutes studied at our Institute. Four students took the term if study at Slovakia University. Students exchanged opinions on the system of Knowledge in these countries, their advantages and disadvantuses. They also made friends with the students from other countries.
They fully agree that academic mobility courses are of great help for them. The students who hare taken mobility introduce their felon students to the system of education in that country, their expressions about the culture and wag of life of the people. Academic mobility is a possibility for students to improve and develop their Knowledge on the speciality they train. Nowadays academic mobility helps our country to enter into educational area of the world. Our task in modern world is to turn Kazakhstan into a world – class knowledge centre.
Every year our students by taking academic mobility train themselves in research work, in science, learn to use modern educational technologies in practice, in their future career. The index of development in economics, culture, education spheres determines our intellect, our students competence in every thing they do.
Our present generation is a highly intellectual personality responsible for the future of the country. For this purpose we must train, teach our pupils, students to get good education to be real specialists and modern demand for our country is further development of the education system of our HEI, higher educational institutions.


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