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Office of information Maintenance and multimedia Support


Shakhanova Mariyash Ormanbekovna

 Head of a Office of information Maintenance and multimedia Support

The department of informative accompaniment and multimedia providing is situated in the main corps of ArkSPI, on 2- st floor, office № 222

Теl.: 8(71430) 7-13-81; Fax: 8(71430) 7-01-87

   Short information:
   The Office of information Maintenance and multimedia Support carries out next basic tasks: realization of principle of strategic plan of development and транспарентности of institution of higher learning, active propaganda and advertisement of activity of institution of higher learning through mass medias; placing of mediaproducts on an educational web-site ArkSPI; illumination of educator, cultural and mass, creative activity of institution of higher learning on municipal television, strengthening of public connections, providing of necessity of ArkSPI in creation of own video data (videotape recording of lectures for the controlled from distance educating, video films, presentations, and other mediaproducts).
   To date multimedia training- production studio equipped with modern facilities designed for professional photography and video processing. The equipment allows for digital and non-linear editing ,there is a corresponding software.
  Department  of informative accompaniment and multimedia providing involved in the preparation and implementation of all events, conferences, concerts, which are held at the institute-accompanying measures rollers and the caption, written interviews and video comments. Video version of the activities of the institute are broadcast on the television of the institute, in the city’s television broadcast Arkalyk. Also one of the areas the department is photographing. Electronic versions of the photo images posted on the website of the institute , are available to all units.

The department comprises: 


Koishybay Daniyar Salimzhanovich

Video operator of a Office of information Maintenance and multimedia Support

 Multimedia training –production studio

     Multimedia training –production studio provides ArkSPI need to create your own movies, videos, presentations and other media products ranging from event news stories and ending with videotaped lectures for distance learning. 

Created on the studio material effectively informs the institute, in order to support positive public opinion and generally positive image ArkGPI. An integral part of the work is to develop a multimedia studio video archives Arkalyk State Pedagogical Institute. Resources video archive-it is a necessary complement of educational video content. Captured video materials,students and tutors can find and view the information in the-library complex.

Official/methodical documents:

     The department  of informative accompaniment and multimedia providing of ILC (information-library complex) in its activity is guided by the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Laws «Education act», «Science act», «Innovative activity act», «Standardization act», «Certification act», «Mass media act», normative documents of the Ministry of Education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, interstate and international standards, Regulation and Orders of ArkSPI, and also by this Regulation.

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